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El Cosmico 2013

A few photos from a weekend getaway in Marfa.
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Sara Cottle
Sara Cottle Aug 11, 2013
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Sara Cottle's Photo Stream

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Sara Cottle
Sara Cottle Dec 11, 2012

Art Work Collection

A collection of artwork I find time to work on here and there. Inquiries are open. 
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Sara Cottle Dec 11, 2012

Top 10 Albums of 2012

My college radio station, WWVU-FM a.k.a u92 does a Top 10 albums for each year, and each DJ gets to compile their own list. So…
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Sara Cottle Dec 11, 2012

4 Movies With My Favorite Retro Soundtracks

Here's 4 movies I'd recommend anyone who is itchin' for some good music along with a good film. Enjoy! First, Pirate Radio, the movie is new…
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Sara Cottle Jun 23, 2012

Here's To Starting Summer 2012 Off Right with 3 new albums!

  There's plenty of playlists to make here and there throughout all the seasons, but the one playlist that has to be perfect? That's the summer…
Sara Cottle
Sara Cottle May 18, 2012
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About Me:

A girl trying to find something in everything.



Favorite Music:

British Pop and Indie

Favorite Movies:

A list would not be adequate enough for the uncountable about of movies ive watched and enjoyed.

Favorite TV Shows:

Food Network, History Channel, Travel Channel

Favorite Books:

Shout! and Chuck Palahniuk